PASB Technical Solutions provides environmental consulting services in the following areas: 

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Environmental Regulatory Compliance

Our experienced team provides environmental permitting support to companies and projects in Canada.  Our specialists can help you navigate federal, provincial and municipal regulatory requirements to ensure your project stays on track and moves forward. The environmental regulatory support function includes work related to:


  • Project mapping, risk assessment, and regulatory strategy development 

  • Identifying and obtaining all relevant environmental permits and authorizations  

  • Environmental assessment  

  • Development of environmental plans (environmental protection plans, waste management plans,  emergency response plans, environmental management plans)

Supported industry sectors include industrial processing, mining, waste management, and energy.

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Greenhouse Gas Management

Whether you are developing an organizational, regional, or project-level GHG inventory or require formal GHG auditing, validation, and verification, we can support your efforts in the following ways:


  • Work with your team to develop internal management systems for GHG reporting and quality management

  • Development of GHG inventories and project plans to reduce emissions and/or meet regulatory requirements 

  • Auditing, validation, and verification of GHG inventories and projects in keeping with international standards and programs

  • GHG inventory evaluation and recommendation of risk reduction measures

We are familiar with many GHG programs, including the Clean Development Mechanism, provincial programs, the ISO 14064 standard and the GHG Protocol.

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Climate Change

Climate change is one of the most important issues facing the world today.  With our partners, we draw on national and international best practices to provide the following services:


  • Climate change adaptation and mitigation plans

  • Climate change vulnerability assessments

  • Climate Lens assessments  (GHG mitigation & climate change resilience)

  • Sustainable waste and wastewater management solutions

  • Integrated low-carbon and resilient solutions

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Sustainable Wastewater Treatment Design

Sustainable wastewater treatment systems are economically viable, socially acceptable, technically appropriate and protect the environment and natural resources. PASB helps businesses, institutions, and municipalities identify and implement sustainable solutions that meet these criteria.  Contact us for more information on:


  • Wastewater treatment options analyses, prefeasibility, and feasibility studies

  • Decentralized wastewater treatment solutions

  • Nutrient and energy recovery and reuse  

  • Optimizing wastewater treatment systems for greenhouse gas emissions reductions and carbon offsets  

  • Climate resilient wastewater treatment